Sahar TV

Sahar TV

We love using media to get across our messages of beauty, creativity and fun, as well as explore the awesomeness of what’s out there in the world and share it with others. This is very much at an embryonic stage right now, but it will grow! Here are some examples of collaborations thus far, do follow the Sahar Millinery YouTube Channel and our instagram fee for more! @saharmillinery

My Brilliant Moment Series 3 Episode 4

Discarded and dead objects that become beautiful hats

Unveiled Official Trailer

INTERVIEW | MMP TV meets Sahar Freemantle – one of London's most unique Milliners



You can visit the studio by appointment, we are nestled in between the madness of Leicester Square and the serenity of the National Portrait museum! Whitcomb street, WC2H 7DT. Please contact us to arrange a visit.